A new beginning, or new problems?

People in Barcelona party on the beach at midnight on May 9, 2021

Spain has been one of Europe’s hardest-hit nations during the pandemic, with nearly 79,000 deaths and 3.5 million infections. So it was no surprise when the country went on lockdown on 14 March of 2020.

Finally, on 9 May 2021, restrictions were lifted, resulting in celebrations across Spain. In Barcelona, people partied on the beach with beers and cheers — it felt almost like the old times of partying before the pandemic began. And there is certainly a lot to celebrate. …

My travel journey — how it started and how it’s going.

Katarados, Greece


I am the first in my family to call myself a Traveler.

I do not take that lightly. As a Black woman who has found the opportunity and has had the privilege to travel, I use my platform to inspire others — especially Black folx — to take up space, to disrupt White spaces, to challenge and destroy assumptions about what we can accomplish.

I’ve been to some pretty amazing places in my 22 years of life. Granted, I’ve been to most of…

Horror in the age of quarantine.

Happy almost-halloween! It’s about two months until the year ends, and I know it’s been a scary one, but just hang in there, okay?

As a screenwriter, I’ve always loved writing for television more than for film. And while most of what I write are drama-comedies, I love watching horror. Psychological horror, thrillers, classic jump scares, mystery, whatever — as long as it gets my heart pumping and I’m lying awake for hours afraid to shut my eyes, its a yes from me!

Okay. Put your witch hats on and let the thrills begin…


And only because I really, really had to.

Charm City (aka Baltimore) holds a special place in my heart. My family and friends frequent the city for its seafood, harbor-views, art, history, seafood and…did I say seafood twice? Sorry.

It was our go-to hangout spot, with each visit bringing something new that we hadn’t discovered before.

Of course, that was all before the pandemic.


After months of my job only needing me to work safely and comfortably from my computer at home, I suddenly received a request to travel to my beloved Charm City for a “very important business weekend.”

My experience studying abroad.

Cred: “The Skinny”

I traveled outside the North American continent for the first time in my Junior year of college. Solo. No friends, no family — just me, a suitcase that was five pounds overweight, and my giant plush seal (his name’s Cove).

Almost two years have passed with me wanting to write about my experience abroad, but having difficulty deciding what stories to tell. I wish I could write solely about my quaint Parisian apartment, the authentic gyros in Santorini, or a romantic rendezvous in Tenerife. …

It’s the adventure for me.

Why do we write?

I’ve gotten used to saying things like, “to provide a platform for the voices who are unheard” or, “to inspire others.” But this is self-defense. So many of my favorite writers have big, life-changing experiences that have inspired why and how they write…but I seem to have none of that.

So, since I struggle to write about myself, I try to write for the benefit of others. Sure, this all seems so noble and good, but I have come to see how it has affected my creative process. What is my


just a girl named after the goddess of war and wisdom \\ TRAVELER & SCREENWRITER // https://pamenah88.wixsite.com/pallasamenah

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